Micro Finance - Supporting Small Rural African Businesses

AAG Microfinance provides financial services for small rural African businesses lacking access to banking and credit facilities. AAG's vision is a world where low-income households have permanent access to high-quality and affordable financial services to finance income-producing activities, build assets, stabilize consumption, and protect against risks.

We provide loans to poor entrepreneurs and small rural African business owners who have no collateral and wouldn't otherwise qualify for a standard bank loan. We also provide training to build the capacity of loan beneficiaries.

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At Arise Africa! We seek to identify and support the most talented individuals and to provide them with a supportive networking environment that helps them build their knowledge, capabilities and skills for long-term and fulfilling careers and business in the African continent. An important element of Arise Africa is to encourage African individuals to work together in cohesive and focused teams, promoting collaboration, personal accountability and responsibility for the development of the African continent as a whole.

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