Media Production and TV - in association with Voice of the African Child

We are a television, film and documentary video production arm working closely with agencies, brands and businesses within Africa and across the world. Our aim is to run a television network that features honest coverage on the success story of Africa and carefully work through her weaknesses.

Yes, that’s right, working with Arise Africa Group Media means you are working with a team of film/documentary makers who have the skills, knowledge and expertise of film makers . Our MD, Vimbai, has been involved in the film industry for over 20 years and has worked on a number of feature films as either a producer or an editor. He has been nominated and won a number of illustrious awards including RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards – the Gold standard of achievement in the television industry.

Television advertising and in particular regional TV is now a highly affordable advertising platform for businesses. Tell your story - Where better to tell your story than at a cinema full of people waiting for a story. Could there be a better captive audience?

Highly Targeted - With both TV and cinema advertising you can target your audience in terms of location, time, showing, genre, audience and more. Advertising via television and indeed the cinema can get your message out to a mass audience. Nevertheless a mass audience that you can still target in terms of geography, interests and demographic.

Who better to work on your new TV or cinema advert than a company with a few feature films under their belt? We work with our clients from the start to understand what they are wanting to achieve. A Hollywood sized budget is not required to produce something epic. With digital marketing taking the forefront with marketers we are also well versed in producing video for online advertising purposes and would work with you to ensure this is well integrated with your digital strategies.

Charity Videos
Our charity videos enable not-for-profit organisations to beat fundraising targets, increase donations and recruit more volunteers. We have worked with a number of not for profit clients including our co partner Voice Of The African Child to help them tell their stories. Ensuring we are connecting them to their audience on an emotive level but with real meaning so as to encourage action.

Story telling is important with any sort of content marketing but it’s imperative within the not for profit sector. Not only can it have direct financial results but if seeded well, can raise awareness of issues and causes to a wider audience.

Promotional videos and Event videos
There’s no denying that online video consumption is skyrocketing. Whether you simply use a video on your landing page (which according to unBounce will increase conversions by as much as 80%). Or you are wanting to thoroughly integrate video marketing with the rest of your digital strategies to ensure you gain more likes, shares, sign ups and ultimately sales. We are brimming with ideas. If you’re planning a video marketing campaign, it’s imperative to centre your efforts on a high-quality promotional video. Promotional videos can bring your products and services to life – and allow you to convey a large amount of information quickly, without overloading your customers.

AAG Media Productions offer a range of promotional video services, from a simple product video to a full documentary about your business. We work closely with clients to understand their industry and ensure our promotional videos meet the needs of their customers, no matter who or where they are. Not only that but we can help with the delivery of your social campaigns.

Video marketing strategies often centre around social media (such as Facebook), or popular video platforms like YouTube. But there are benefits for using video on your own website, too. Search engines often favour pages with video content, and video can be responsible for driving up to 30% of traffic to a website. We can help you decide how to focus your promotional video, so it meets the needs of your video marketing strategy – whether it’s a one-off, or part of a wider campaign.

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