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Arise Africa Group Magazine is the business arm of Voice of The African Child. Our goal is to create entrepreneurs and bring Africans out of the donor mentality of continuing to look east or west for development. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship – and an entrepreneurial spirit – to tackle global challenges, transform communities, create jobs, spur economic growth and close the opportunity gap that confronts far too many people here in the Africa and around the world.

In order to accelerate thriving local and global communities, we support the development of sustainable, market-driven models to build skills, networks and pathways to unlock the potential of first-movers and risk takers everywhere. We want to see more African entrepreneurs deployed across all sectors – starting businesses, running sustainable social enterprises, and bringing fresh ideas to old challenges.

We believe that through entrepreneurship, we can create more vibrant communities, a stronger Africa and a more prosperous world. This way we close the opportunity gap and scale creative solutions to persistent problems. That’s why we’ve launched initiatives such as the Arise Africa Group Business and Science Technology Exhibition Shows; Arise Africa Group TV (Including Arise Africa Group Talks. These are debates and presentations on passionate issues challenging our continent) and Young African Leaders Entrepreneurs. We continue to explore paths for entrepreneurship to improve economic mobility for Africa.

We believe in a hand up and not a hand down! A hand up means helping each other upwards with skills, innovative ideas and partnerships.

Fiercely protected culture

Arise Africa! magazine are fiercely protective of our unique culture. We are a strong global magazine with the mind-set of a lean, entrepreneurial business. We attract and retain the best business readers by valuing and celebrating our diverse strengths - we reject the impersonal, big company mentality that stifles entrepreneurial spirit, commodities relationships, dumbs down expertise, loses touch with the reader and lets innovation die.

Style and presentation

Arise Africa! Magazine ensures our contributors and readers are free to focus on the best interests of African business and how they rise from strength to strength. We maintain our focus on celebrating the success story of Africa on a different narrative to the usual headlines that are sometimes unflattering. At Arise Africa! We unravel an untold Africa, hidden treasures of Africa with a focus on a more positive alternative narrative. We know that our magazine is first and foremost a people magazine. It is the knowledge, intelligence, entrepreneurialism and integrity of our team that sets Arise Africa! apart and enables us to go beyond our clients' expectations.

Young African readers

At Arise Africa! We seek to identify and support the most talented individuals and to provide them with a supportive networking environment that helps them build their knowledge, capabilities and skills for long-term and fulfilling careers and business in the African continent. An important element of Arise Africa is to encourage African individuals to work together in cohesive and focused teams, promoting collaboration, personal accountability and responsibility for the development of the African continent as a whole.

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